Business & Occupation (B&O) Tax Credits

An ordinance of the Council of the City of Fairmont enacted, in part, pursuant to the provisions of West Virginia Code Section 8-1-5a Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program, and the City of Fairmont's Home Rule Plan approved October 6, 2014, to provide relief from the provisions of West Virginia Code Section 8-13-5 which limit the City of Fairmont's authority to offer tax credits from its Business and Occupation Tax to business expansion credits and to provide authority for expanded and additional tax credits from said tax to promote the re-occupation of vacant or dilapidated structures throughout the city, to foster the rehabilitation and preservation of contributing structures in the city's downtown historic district; and to encourage longevity of business operation in the corporate limits by providing an anniversary credit.

Full Ordinance (PDF)

Historic District Tax Credit Brochure (PDF)