Boards and Commissions

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is a citizen board, appointed by City Council, that reviews Conditional Use Permits, Variances, and Appeals related to the Zoning Code. More information can be found on the BZA page [LINK].

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a board composed of one City Staff representative, on member of City Council and seven Fairmont residents who are recommended by the City Manager and appointed by city Council. The commission is the advisory body for City Council that recommends adopting changes to the Zoning Code, development requirements, right-of-way abandonments, annexations, capital improvements budget related to the comprehensive plan, approval of major subdivisions, and changes to the adopted comprehensive plan.

Petitions to change the text of the zoning ordinance or to rezone property within the city are heard before the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission then votes to forward the petitions favorably or unfavorably to city council in most cases. No change may be made to the zoning code or zoning map without the recommendation of the Planning Commission.

Historic Preservation Review Commission

The Historic Preservation Review Commission is a five-member citizen board that reviews applications which pertain to development within the official historic district in the City of Fairmont. The commission verifies that a proposed project meets the approved Design Standards for that historic district. This is required for most improvements to land within the historic district.