The Biosolids Program

The City of Fairmont Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) takes great pride in its Biosolids Program. Effective pretreatment efforts and a genuine commitment to the environment have been joined together to make our program the best in the region. We take our solids program very seriously. Our public demands us to put out the best product we can, and we take every step we possibly can to see that this demand is met.

Land Application Process

If you have questions or comments regarding the City of Fairmont Land Application Program, contact project coordinator Tim Andrew at 304-366-0540, extension 222.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant on average produces 400 dry tons of biosolids annually. It has been a specific goal to land apply every bit of it. We realize that landfill space is a valuable commodity and have not found it necessary to landfill any solids since 1994. By providing our area farms with a high quality product we have managed to stay away from the dump while at the same time helping our farmers triple their hay yield.

Program Success

Why is our Biosolids Program so successful? People make our program successful. We share an outstanding relationship with everyone that surrounds the Land Application Process. The City of Fairmont WWTP maintains a proactive approach with regards to everyone involved. 

From the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) inspectors to the farmers who apply the biosolids to the fields, the Fairmont WWTP leaves all lines of communication open. We enjoy the outstanding relationship we have with our enforcement agency. We provide technical assistance and advice so as to produce the best possible situations for everyone involved.

Daily Visits
Every day the driver inspects his vehicles and performs all maintenance himself before the "truck hits the road" to one of a dozen active sites we currently utilize. Getting the solids to some of our sites requires imagination and resources. We take the initiative to build our own roads to our active sites. 

As an incentive to our farmers, we take our own equipment, supplies and personnel to application site and improve roads leading to the applied areas and in return we receive increased cooperation from active farmers of the Biosolids Program and a much safer situation for the truck drivers who drive on these sites on a daily basis.

Providing a Sense of Confidence
Road maintenance, vehicular safety and communication go a long way in providing a sense of confidence with regard to all aspects of the program. When all of these are in place, everybody is a winner. The farmer knows he's getting a free fertilizer and improved road conditions and our local enforcement agency knows that we are staying out of the landfill and biosolids are being applied in a consistent compliant manner.

Long-Term Approach
Our long-term approach to biosolids application will be one of optimism. We have a waiting list of 20 farmers wishing to join the program. The word is out and the Fairmont WWTP could not be happier. 

We carefully watch for any proposed regulatory actions concerning the land application process and comment when applicable. The City of Fairmont WWTP is currently reviewing all possibilities of moving towards Class A solids productions.