Field Services

Field Services Department

The City of Fairmont Field Services Department as the backbone of the Utility is responsible for a number of services that the fine citizens of Fairmont have come to respect and appreciate. Gary Moore, Field Services Superintendent, heads the Field Service crew up. He maintains a crew of 22 that take care of water and sewer repairs and improvements.

Field service personnel are also responsible for blacktop, concrete and yard restoration for work sites. Manpower and equipment often assist other city departments when needed. Superintendent takes responsibility for seeing that all complaints are handled properly.

Sewer Lines

Wastewater field service crew hold the responsibility of repairing and maintaining the 166 miles of sewer lines in and around the City of Fairmont. One of the most important aspects of their duties is using a special camera to evaluate problem areas in sewer lines. They also perform regular flushing of lines and frequent maintenance within the sewer system. The sewer crew is led by the assistant supervisor, Jon Sanders and consists of 3 plumber/pipe fitters and an equipment operator.

Water Lines

Another important branch of the Field Service Department is the Water Lines Section. Led by maintenance supervisors, Davey Vincent and Greg Garrison, the Water Crew has the responsibility of maintaining all main water lines, fire hydrants and meter installation around the city. They also assist with troubleshooting water distribution problems. Mark manages a crew of 4 plumbers and 2 equipment operators.

The City of Fairmont Capital Improvement Project crew (CIP) is responsible for new water line installation projects. The projects are prioritized by the number of leaks on a certain line and recorded in the engineering department database. Two plumber/pipe fitters and an equipment operator man the CIP crew. Jeff Boone, assistant supervisor, leads them.

Fleet Maintenance

Under the direction of the Field Services Superintendent, the fleet mechanic maintains the vehicles and much of the equipment that is utilized by the Utility Department employees. Some of the duties of the mechanic include:

  • Preventive maintenance / repair all field services vehicles
  • Preventive maintenance / repair all field service equipment
  • Renders service to vehicles/equipment for Engineering, Storm Water, Meter, Wastewater Treatment and Water Filtration Departments


The Utility Department employs a professional secretary to handle all Field Service administration. She takes care of fielding incoming service calls for both water and sewer problems. The Field Service's secretary also, maintains the database for all work orders that come into the office and issues them to the appropriate sections. She is also the Miss Utility representative that dispatches service crews to areas that require line location requests.