Police Officer Job Requirements

The requirements to be a basic police officer are as follows:
  • Testing information will be announced in the local media
  • Entry exams are ordered by the Police Civil Service Commission and are given every 3 years or as soon as everyone on a current list has been bypassed or hired. Once it has been announced that an exam will be given, the applicant must register with the City Clerk and file an application
  • The first part of the exam process is a physical agility test. The requirements for the physical agility standards are on the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice website. At this time, the physical agility standards are as follows:
    • Complete a 1.5-mile run in 14 minutes 36 seconds
    • Do 28 sit-ups in one minute
    • Do 18 pushups in one minute
  • The successful candidate will then move on to take a written test. If the applicant passes the written test, their name will be placed on a list, in descending score order
  • When an officer position is open, the candidates are then reviewed on backgrounds, including criminal history, driving records, etc. The candidate will then go through a medical / psychological test
  • Successful candidate(s) will then be presented to the City Manager for possible appointment to a vacant position as a probationary police officer with the department