Residential Plan Review Requirements

Plans need to be submitted in duplicate for approval. One set will be kept in the Planning / Building Department, and 1 set will be sent to the Engineering Department. An approved set is to remain at the job site at all times. Plans need to be drawn to scale and completed with the following:

  • Plot Plan: Showing exact placement of all buildings existing and proposed. Show distances from lot lines, any existing buildings, and road/street set-backs.
  • Foundation Plan, Floor Plan and Cross Section: Furnish a foundation and each floor plan showing:
    • Dimensions
    • Doors
    • Floor girders size location
    • Partitions
    • Size and direction of floor joists
    • Windows
  • Elevation: Drawings of the exterior of the building from all sides including architectural features and landscaping.

The building permit cannot be issued until the proper approvals have been granted by the Planning/Building, Sewer/Water, and Street Departments. All zoning and deed restrictions need to be followed. Flood plans will be checked for all proposed building sites.


The Code Officials are normally in the office for questions between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday. The telephone number is 304-366-6211, and the fax number is 304-366-0228. For normal plan review, please drop off plans and fill out an application. For unusual plan review or preliminary plan review, please call for an appointment with a plan reviewer.