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The Fairmont Police Department is a 24-hour a day/7 days a week operating department. The department consists of 35 sworn Civil Service officers and 6 civilian support staff. All of the officers are members of the Fraternal Order of Police through FOP Lodge 69. All of our officers are certified through the State of West Virginia, which includes training through the Basic Academy classes at the West Virginia State Police Academy in Institute, West Virginia. The Department answers a wide variety of calls for service, from parking complaints and barking dogs to domestic violence and homicide.

The requirements to be a basic police officer are as follows:

  • Testing information will be announced in the local media.
  • Entry exams are ordered by the Police Civil Service Commission and are given every three years or as soon as everyone on a current list has been bypassed or hired. Once it has been announced that an exam will be given, the applicant must register with the City Clerk and file an application.
  • The first part of the exam process is a physical agility test. The requirements for the physical agility standards are on the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice web site ( At this time, the physical agility standards are as follows:
    1. Complete a 1 ½ mile run in 15 minutes 20 seconds.
    2. Do 27 sit-ups in one minute.
    3. Do 18 pushups in one minute.
  • The successful candidate will then move on to take a written test. If the applicant passes the written test, their name will be placed on a list, in descending score order.
  • When an officer position is open, the candidates are then reviewed on backgrounds, including criminal history, driving records, etc. The candidate will then go through a medical/psychological test.
  • Successful candidate(s) will then be presented to the City Manager for possible appointment to a vacant position as a probationary police officer with the department.

Contact Information:

Fairmont Police Department
500 Quincy St.
Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia 26554

  • Dispatch (304) 366-4200 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • Office (304) 366-9280 (Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
  • Fax (304) 366-5533
Chief of Police Kelley Moran 304-366-5644
Lieutenant - Investigations Steve Shine 304-366-9280 Ext. 442
Lieutenant - Patrol J. D. Murphy 304-366-9280 Ext. 413
Sergeant - Administration Glen Staley 304-366-9280 Ext. 414
Sergeant - Day Shift David Wolford 304-366-9280 Ext. 426
Sergeant - Afternoon Shift A. B. Carr 304-366-9280 Ext. 426
Sergeant - Midnight Shift Mike Keller 304-366-9280 Ext. 426
DARE Officer Ptl. Donnie Neal 304-366-9280 Ext. 410
Detective Division   304-366-2217
Three Rivers Drug & Violent Crimes Task Force   304-366-0528
Secretary to the Chief Jennifer Martin 304-366-9280 Ext. 422
Municipal Court Clerk Stacy Knotts 304-366-9280 Ext. 443
Records Clerk Lori Mundell 304-366-9280 Ext. 423
Department Secretary Amy Shuck 304-366-9280 Ext. 424 
Parking Enforcement Misty Ledsome 304-366-9280 Ext. 429
General Information 304-366-9280