Become a Police Officer

The City of Fairmont will soon be accepting applications for the position of Police Officers. The City Clerk's Office will be accepting applications from dates to be published. Once applications are received, this will allow the applicant to take the physical agility exam and Police Officer written examination anticipated to be near the end of February 2019.

Once applications are submitted to the City Clerk’s Office, the applicant will have to complete and pass a physical examination whereas each applicant must do 28 sit-ups in one minute; 18 push-ups in one minute and run 1.5 miles in 14 minutes and 36 seconds or less.   After passing the physical agility exam, the applicant will take the Police Officer Civil Service Examination which is a two-hour exam that deals with basic knowledge of the ability to observe and remember details, vocabulary, reading comprehension, ability to follow directions, ability to problem solve and use logic, and ability to use situational judgment.  Once an applicant passes the physical agility and written examination, he or she will then be ranked by their test score on a list of applicants eligible to be hired as a Probationary Police Officer. 

To obtain an application, contact the Fairmont City Clerk’s Office at (304) 366-6212, ext. 329 or email the City Clerk at jkeller@fairmontwv.govFor additional information, please contact the City Clerk at the above listed phone number or email address.   

The benefit package for a new hire Police Officer has a starting salary of $35,869.00 with a salary of $39,000.00 after one year probation.  Each Officer will earn 2 weeks vacation after the first year; 12–14 paid holidays per year; and six (6) personal days per year after the completion of the probationary period.  Each Officer is offered PEIA health Insurance. The City of Fairmont offers $3,000.00 additional monetary incentive for Certified WV Officers.     

Fairmont Police Department

The Fairmont Police Department is a 24-hour a day/7 days a week operating department. The department consists of 39 sworn officer positions and 7 civilian support staff. All officers receive law enforcement certification through the West Virginia State Police Academy and go through a 16 week Field Training Officer Program. The department answers a wide variety of calls for service, from parking complaints and barking dogs to domestic violence and homicide. We dedicate ourselves to work in partnership with the community to fight crime, reduce fear and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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